Helping a moving

Helping a moving part 1

Yesterday, I helped my former coworker’s moving.

Actually, this is the second time to help his moving.

The first time was about two years ago.

When he texted me, I wondered why he moved again.

It hasn’t pasted two years yet since last time.

First, he asked me to help him on the end of July.

As you probably know, in July, it’s too hot to move in Japan.

Also, the hiking season will be starting around this time.

Hiking and trekking are one of my hobbies.

I would like to go hiking if the weather is nice.

So, I declined his request.

Then he asked me again, “How about the end of April?”

I replied to him, “That date would be okay. I can manage to help your moving.”

According to him, he seemed to conflict with his neighbor.

The guy usually leaves home at around 4 am and closed the door with a big sound.

That always makes my former coworker awake.

That’s why he complained the management company about the guy.

However, they didn’t try to deal with this matter.

So, he complained to him directly in person and ended up arguing each other.

After that, he decided to change the apartment.