My favorite food

I’m super happy!

I was able to buy my favorite food at my favorite supermarket.

It’s rice cake. It’s called “Mochi” in Japanese.

I usually eat mochi for breakfast with miso soup. Yeah, like Ozouni in new year in Japan.

I am not sick of eating mochi even every breakfast.

My favorite mochi tastes delicious. So I decide to buy only this brand.

But my favorite supermarket doesn’t have this brand.

Instead, I had to go to another supermarket to get only this brand.

So, I came up with a good idea.

I emailed my favorite supermarket’s head quarter and requested them to have that brand.

A few days later, they replied to me.

We are considering having that brand in our store.

Since then, I checked if there is that brand mochi on the shelf of the store whenever I went there.

But I haven’t found it and gradually my expectation has shrink (lost).

But this morning I finally found that brand mochi on the shelf !

I grabbed four packages at one time and put them in the shopping basket.

I was so surprised as well as moved. And that the price is cheaper than the previous supermarket.

I hope they keep having this brand on the shelf there.